World History


A new world has been built on the ruins of the old world.



  • High magic
  • Psionics
  • Gods are at war
  • Rampant Necromancy
  • Barbarians
  • Demigods
  • Dragons!


  • Avatars for the gods
  • Utopian societies
  • Large Kingdoms/Empires


The Gods Create a New World (L)

Gods Become Angry with the First Tribe (D)

  • Oh crap we’re in a zoo (D)
  • Grand draconic alliance (L)
  • The first tribe discover a power to rival the gods; Magic! (L)
  • The gods curse the first tribe (D)

Sundering of the First Tribe (D)

  • There are different oral traditions for the sundering in every culture (L)
  • From one race, comes many (D)
  • The dragons were sundered for disobeying the edict of the gods (D)
  • The new dragons are hatched (L)
  • The gods greatly weakened by the events leading up to the sundering (L)

The Gods Must Be Deperate — Birth of the Godblooded (L)

*People become mortal and their souls are sundered from their bodies at death (L)
*The theft of the portfolios (D)

  • How does one become godlblooded?/By picking up fallen items from the gods
  • Some gods making plans to create new gods (L)
  • The sundering affects the elves the strongest because they are the longest lived (D)

Godblood Wars (D)

  • Dragonkind enslaved to fight (D)
  • Who did this and why?/The kingdom of the tieflings who have been at war with the dragonborn
  • Dragons discover the godblooded’s treachery and rebel (D)
  • Clerics and wizards develop new magic items that are designed to kill or weaken demigods (L)
  • Twilight of the godblooded (L)
  • Where does their power go?/It follows natural fissures in the world and becomes ley lines
  • The World Mind “mazes” anyone who grows too powerful (L)
  • Psionics created by a secret society (L)

As a result of loss of so many Godblooded, portals from other realms created (L)

  • Demigod death opens a new portal (D)
  • Attempts to harness portals fail (D)
  • A new type of magic is learned from the “out of worlders” (L)
  • Necromancy from outside new to gods too (D)
  • Ambassador Vul of the deadlands makes his world known to the living. After his message he’s slain by a hero, only to appear again in another kingdom (D)
  • Ambassador Vul let’s it be known that elf blood and parts are key components in both life extending magic and the creation of major undead (D)
  • A portal is being used by “outworlders” to throw criminals through (D)
  • Gods send agents through portals (L)

Discovery of the Old Noble Houses (D)

  • While dwarves are building cities they discover 5 noble houses of the old world confirming there was an old world (D)
  • The dwarves break the final seal while digging, releasing the undead. Dwarves warn others (D)
  • Souls of the exiled dead animate legions of old world mummies when a godblooded is slain by an old trap (D)
  • Scourge of undead released on the world (D)
  • Dwarves begin to build “bulwark cities” underground to protect the new world from the old (D)
  • Sea elves are fleeing the ocean in fear of something they call the deep ones (D)
  • The Parliament of Elvenkind forms, inspired by as as yet unknown god (L)
  • The Parliament invites reps from all the known races to advise on the threats of the old world (L)

“The Five Legions” spill out onto the surface world (D)

  • The fractured kingdoms of humanity struggle to keep the tide of undead from overwhelming them (D)
  • One of the five legions is made of undead fey. They are led by the undead winter fey queen of the old world (D)
  • Schism between ‘old’ undead and ‘new’ undead of this world (L)
  • Council of Magi discover adamantine from the sundering meteor can “easily” smite the undead (L)
  • With their temporary allies, the Lichdom of Tharkis, the human kingdoms drive the five legions back underground (L)
  • The political map of the world becomes stable following the war (L)

A magical council discovers this plane of existence is maintained by the will of the Gods; the death of each God weakens reality (D)

  • The gods seek to mine the power of the old world (L)

“Shield of the Fallen God” found (L)

  • Shield of the fallen god won by Prince Henrus III, godblooded heir to the Silver Throne (D)
  • Who could oppose a godblooded royal with an artifact of the old world? Another godblooded, seeded by a god with benign intent


World History

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