World Building

A World Building Checklist

When working on creating a world, there are a lot of details to work out. This provides a basic framework for what a complete game world might need. A list of questions related to each section can be found here.

Things Worlds Have


(John) Historically precious metals were valued. Would different things be valued on this world? Would such metals be harder to come by, having been mined out of the old world, or would there be new veins of material that would have accreted over the centuries?


  • Crime & Legal System
    • (JW) Dwarven Law
      Dwarfs are a hearty and well-organized people. They value order, as questions of ownership and property are of paramount importance. Dwarven cities are usually models of law and order, with many of the rules of society memorized rather than written. This can make safely navigating Dwarven culture a difficult prospect. It is easy to give offense or even break a law without even realizing it.

Justice in Dwarven communities is swift and public. Stocks, flogging, and branding are common punishments. Citizens are rarely imprisoned, as this uses valuable community resources. Crimes which would bring the death penalty in human communities instead lead to banishment from the company of Dwarves, accompanied by facial branding with powerful enchantments that are nearly impossible to cure. Only the crime of murder is punished with the gallows.

Many other cultures try to mimic the Dwarven legal system, but there is a key difference between these other cultures and the Dwarves: a Dwarf will seldom seek to avoid their fate. When caught a Dwarf thief will often declare it a “fair cop” and willingly go before the Ombuds for summary judgment. Even when breaking the law, Dwarves tend to be orderly

  • Foreign Relations
  • Politics
  • War

The Land

  • Physical & Historical Features
  • Climate & Geography
    • Natural Resources
  • Population
  • Rural Factors
  • Urban Factors

Society & Culture

  • Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
    • Architecture
  • Calendar
  • Daily Life
  • Diet
    • Dining Customs
  • Education
  • Ethics & Values
  • fashion & Dress
  • History
  • Language
    • Gestures
  • Manners
  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Religion & Philosophy
  • Social Organization
  • Specific Countries
  • Visits

Magic & Science

  • Magic & Magicians
    • Magic & Technology
    • Rules of Magic
    • Wizards
  • Medicine
  • Science & Technology
  • Transportation & Communication

World Building

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